Monday, 14 January 2013

Practical Ways to Happiness

Feel down and depressed?
Feel like there is nothing right in your life?
Feel helpless and sorry that you are in this hopeless situation?
Feel like you did nothing nothing to deserve this and may be life has betrayed you?
Jealous that there are so many happy people and happy events in the universe but none in your life?
Feel like there is no glimpse of hope, that maybe there is no silver lining for the cloud hovering over your life?

Do not despair. Although you feel that this is the end of life, the truth is it isn't. There are small and sure steps that you can take to feel better. Most of these steps are practical and require small changes in your perspective and is most effective if practiced regularly.

  • Focus on the positive instead of the negatives:
This is one simple step that yields maximum results. Make a list of everything that is good and pleasant in your life. Include your assets from the past that might not be relevant today. Small or big, anything that was worthwhile must be on this list. Be as elaborate as possible. Preferably write it down in a book and number your list. The more on your list, the better. This is what my list looks like
My Gift List: The Gratitude List

  • See something positive in every negative:
Yes, this seems really difficult, especially if you are going through a very tough time but this is important. Everything wrong has something good in it somewhere. You might have failed miserably or lost by a whisker; there is always something positive. 
My cousin's fiancee broke their engagement after being together for almost a lifetime. The breakup was not very amicable. The breakup not just meant the end of their relationship but my cousin also lost her longest friend, the person she trusted most, her confidante. The relationship between their families also strained. It was long and painful process for her to get up and re-build herself but it was the only option available. If it was not for that single incident, she would have never moved out of her comfort zone. She would never have the confidence to take on the world. She would never go on a self improvement course. Today she not just has the experience of getting through tough times but she also has the treasure trove of memories of a wonderful relationship.

  • Remember life is a wheel of fortunes:
Nothing's more true than this. Everything that goes up has to come down and everything that goes down has to come up. Life is like a wave with periodic ups and downs. Just like good times do not last forever, bad times pass too. And then there is the 'Law of averages' wanting to compensate the bad times with the good ones. Difficult times are a PART of life not the WHOLE of it. So smile during the toughest periods, you might never see these times for a while cos thankfully "everything shall pass". :-)

  •  Believe that everything happens for good:
Do you remember learning to ride a bicycle? Do you remember how you fell and scraped your knees? Remember how you learned to avoid sand as it was slippery? Can you now imagine ever forgetting those important lessons you learned then? How handicapped your life would become if you never learned those lessons. Somethings are hard because they mean to be learned the hard way. It is almost impossible to believe in this when you are in the midst of it, but the truth is that these times will yield beautiful times in the future. Aren't our follies, difficulties a part of our fondest memories?
Tell yourself that although everything seems to be falling apart, it is all actually falling into place.

  • You have been there done that so you can do it this time:
This might not be the first time that you are feeling like its the end of the world. You might have felt this way the last time your life was in a crisis. You felt like this was it and there was no way you would survive it. But you survived. You moved on. It was not easy but you managed. Those crisis's made you the person you are today and now you are proud of those "tough times". "Tough times" today is just another of those times where you are supposed to put forth your best and conquer. You have been a winner in the past and there is no reason why you cannot win today. So go out there and win the battle.

  • The key to winning a race is not praying that the road be smooth. It is about being able to win in-spite of the rough roads:
If you pray that there be no difficulties in your life, you are praying for something that's just not in your control. It might not be impossible for such prayers to be answered but it is improbable that you might never face difficulties. Stop letting the universe take control of your life. TAKE CONTROL. Pray for courage and strength to face the toughest of situations. Wish that you have the guidance and courage to take a decision and stick by it. Every action comes with consequences that cannot be predicted. What is important is to ACT and FACE the consequences than to never act.

Its a beautiful day out there waiting for you. Happy Living!!! :-)

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  1. One size does not fit all.
    If the above methods dont work for you but there are others that work, please do share them on this page.
    Good Day!!