Sunday, 26 May 2013

A Letter Of Hate: To The Woman Who Broke My House

The path to recovery is through acknowledgement, acceptance and forgiveness.
Through this letter, I try to acknowledge and accept my true feelings of hate towards the woman who wrecked my home, broke it. I know pain and I also know that hatred serves no purpose and therefore the forgiveness part.

Dear SIL,

I do not know what I should call you. A home breaker, a home wrecker, manipulative bitch, nasty, dominant and overpowering weed, a possessive sibling or a pervert sucker? Maybe all of them suit you just fine.

I thought you were naive when I let you dominate my husband. I thought you did not see the very clear marked lines between concern and interference, but I did not know that it was your intention to cross the line just so that you could wreck my life. You always hated me but I never believed you were evil enough to turn your hate into misery for me. I believed you would never do it because I thought you were genuinely concerned for your brother. But now when I see the pain that we are both having to go through and you continue and move on with your happy life in paradise, I realize you are nothing more than a selfish sadist taking pleasure in the miseries of others lives. You do not just wish for their misery, you go out there and ensure its heaped onto them. On people who love you and care for you and trust you and are protective of you. On people who pray for your well-being more than they pray for their own. Let me tell you today, that you ought to be ashamed of yourself and the things you have done. Plotting, bitching, putting others down might serve you your purpose of breaking ones home but have you ever given a thought on how it destroys another's life? Does not the trials of a person who's dreams you shattered not haunt you in the night? Can you imagine how you might feel if the same happened to you? What all would you cope with? A broken home, shattered dreams or the betrayal from someone you counted? Someone your blood and flesh.

I have heard you can only give others what you have, I therefore pray to God that you are blessed with loads of happiness and joy. So much excess of happiness that you have no choice but to give it away. You have blown my world, shattered it to pieces, broken my house. I know the pain I have had to endure and therefore genuinely wish nobody else including you goes through this pain. I wish you well. Good luck.
I sincerely hope that God showers you with goodness and you never even think of wrecking another's life.

The Strong One