Tuesday, 20 August 2013

My Gift List: The Gratitude List

I have written quite a bit on all issues that hurt me and sadden me and the like. But my life is all not all gloom and sad. There is a lot of sunshine in my rainy life and this posts dedicated to all those fortunate gifts that I have received from life. Call me proud, pompous, a brat or a brag but this is my take on my life's gifts:

1. My Family - I am blessed with a loving and caring family that has supported me in most times of my life. I am blessed that I have received love and affection and know they will be there for me irrespective of whether they agree or disagree with me. I am grateful that my family has been stern with me as well as protective of me as per the demands of the situation. This is what has turned me into a balanced person who can distinguish right from wrong and guides me towards doing good.

2. My Education - I am really happy that I am one of those better educated people with a graduation that I completed with flying colours. This is one thing that no one or nothing can snatch from me. I have had a good education - it is a constant and there is nothing transitory about it. Its done in the past and is irreversible. Period.

3. My Job - I have a job people that is a dream job for a lot of people. Although it is not a job that I enjoy thoroughly, it is a job that boosts my self worth, makes me feel important, gives me a feeling of contributing to something that makes a real difference. Whether I meet a deadline or miss the deadline makes an impact, therefore I make an impact.

4. My Friends - I am glad I have so many friends not all of them true and meant to last a lifetime but each important in their own way, each serving a different purpose in my life. I am glad that I have true friends who have been there with me through thick and thin, who have supported and cheered me when I was low and shared my happiness during my ups. I am glad I have friends from different age groups and different walks of life. They all fit neatly like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle in my life.

5. My Smile - My smile cheers me up and everyone around me. I must be one of those people who smile from the heart 'cos my smile has never failed to make me feel better nor has it ever failed in fetching me compliments from others for being so warm :) I love smiling :)

6. My Wit - Well there is no way to measure this one and it is subjective but what is most important is what I feel. I feel intelligent from the bottom of my brain (and heart of course). I have the ability to remain calm during problems and generally find a way out. My brain has brought me this far in my life be it with my education or my career. It has seldom failed me. The fact that a lot of others agree with me helps.

7. My Goodness - I think of myself as a kind, cheerful, honest, generous and helpful person who can make friends with anyone in the world. As a person, I always try to be as good as possible to others and do not wish harm to anyone irrespective of how they are to me.

Wow, writing this actually made me feel better. We are so busy chasing what we dont have that we rarely find the time to sit and savor the sweetness of what we have.  We should learn to live rather than mere exist.
You should try making a list of your gifts too!! Go ahead, jot down your prized possession and share it with me and the world here!!!

Happy Living!!!!


  1. Good one!! we count the wrong things so much that we forget the good things we have...

  2. Having this attitude will take you a long way in life!! Wish you all the best!

  3. Having this attitude will take you a long way in life!