Wednesday, 25 March 2015

My Comeback Post

So, its been really long since I wrote anything. Over an year. I am watching TV and I suddenly feel like writing. Writing about something good, something positive, something calming. Something white. Something straight from my heart, but what do I write about? I am feeling good these days, there's a sense of satisfaction and happiness and my outlook's been good but I really cannot point whats made the difference that I have moved from my old sad, depressed self to the happy, hopeful me. I wonder now, I want to know that trigger. If it has helped me now, it might help me in future too. Reminds me of a old story that I had read ages ago. Goes something like this, once upon a time a very happy but bored king summons his minsters and asks them to find something that can instantly make a sad man happy and make a sad man happy. All the ministers search far and wide but are not able to find anything that would serve their purpose. One day in a faraway place, they stumble upon an old wise man and tell him their predicament. He thinks for a while and gives them a ring to take to the king. He tells them that this is a magical ring that makes sad people happy and happy people sad. Satisfied and happy, the ministers take this magical ring to present to their king. The happy king sees the ring and sure enough, the ring works its magic and the king becomes sad. The magic of the ring lies in its inscription. The inscribed words 'This too shall pass' gleam from the ring. Everything shall pass one day, the good and the bad. Nothing can be hastened or nothing can be skipped. We just have to wait. Patiently. That, could explain my new found calmness. May be somewhere deep inside I believe my pain shall pass too and good times are just round the corner. Nature is full of examples and I see them now. Day and night, both pass too. Waves in the sea rise and fall. Seasons change.  Pain heals and good times make a comeback. Now back to my old topic, I do not have a "topic" to write about. Should I write about India's WC semis that's to happen tomorrow, should I write about the book I am reading or should I write about the depressing shows on TV. I think I'll skip the depressing talk, this post is all about being happy and chirpy. May be I should just stop rambling and think hard about a topic and then get back. Think, think and think....


  1. Nice post. Strangely enough I heard the same story from a family member today. Very deja vu. Keep on blogging gurl. I just happened across your blog today and the positivity I am reading is a nice change from the rubbish the media spills on TV

    1. Thanks anonymous for your kind words. I know its close to 3 years late, so aplologies. Enjoy your day :-)