Saturday, 21 September 2013

Protector or Murderer!!

Its a gloomy weekend and I wake up later than normal. As I walk sleepy eyed, I pick up the newspaper to read whats making news. The news on front page not only ensures that I sit up, but also that I shiver in fear. The headlines say techie jumps after stabbing his wife to death. I switch on the TV to get more info. The couple are both techies employed with software firms, have a daugther, a house in a nice locality in a pleasant city and possibly a lot of comfort that money cany buy. Much like me...
What forces educated people to commit such heinous crimes? Arent they supposed to be smart, intelligent, have good exposure to the world. They even have the luxury of professional help and therapy and yet they go out there and throw it all away and give in to crime. I shudder when I think of what the wife must be going through when her husband was stabbing her repeatedly. Was she feeling fear or disbelief or anger or betrayal or was she worried about the fate of their daughter? Had she not expected anything of the kind or was this her nightmare that she feared every living moment? Had her husband been the abusive kind or was he simply as brutal as Brutus - a murderer in the guise of a life partner.
Being in an abusive marriage myself, such incidents scare the hell out of me. I often wonder had I stayed in the marriage, would this be the fate I would meet? Would the man who had taken vows to love and cherish me, to protect and honour me till death did us apart bring death to me with his own hands? In India, a marriage is supposed to last not just one lifetime but seven, then, would I possibly end up with this murderer and his sins even beyond death? Is there really no escape? Death and murder are terrible whether in cold blood or in rage but a murder of this kind forces us to rethink where we put our trusts. Can we possibly trust our husband of many years, will the person we want to grow old with allow us to atleast grow old and not snatch the gift of life from us, young?

My heart goes out to the daughter of the couple and the family of the wife. Apparently the last thing the wife did before she was murdered was to meet her dad on his birthday. I hope and pray that the family find the strength to get over this tragic incident.

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